Medicine through Time- industrial revolution public health

A summary of public health in the industrial revolution. It is a timeline of events with the effects of these events.

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19th century public health!
Early 19th century
Government has laisezz faire attitude
Towns were growing, people moved to cities for jobs with the growing trade.
Overcrowding, dirt, poverty, disease, poor housing, bad water, common privies
Miasma theory as cause of disease, until germ theory of 1861
Date What happened? Effect
1831 1st cholera outbreak Working class dead,
people scared.
1832 Middle class had vote for MPs Government had to take
people's views into
consideration. However,
not everyone's so working
class problems could be
1835 Town councils built sewers for rich Better sanitation for
middle class, no change
for working class.
1838 William Farr appointed to the general Knew the common causes
registrar office and set up a system of of death, you could
recording the causes of death. compare mortality rates of
the rich and the poor.
1842 Edwin Chadwick was a civil servant. Did a No proof and the middle
report for the government arguing disease class who had the vote
the main reason for poverty, preventing were affected by cholera
disease would reduce `poor rates' so would less than working class.
be beneficial for the rate payers.
1844 Back to back houses made illegal Didn't really affect, people
still built them and lived in
1848 Another cholera epidemic Terrified government, had
to do something for public
1848 1st public health act, towns were able to set Only a few towns actually
up a medical officer of health did it, as the men in
charge were not affected.
1849 John Snow published his book `on the Not that much because he
communication of cholera.' This was before hadn't proved his ideas,
he proved his theories that cholera was Although they were good.
caused by infected water,

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Demolitions of slums not all., just some Caused problems
housing left more
overcrowded, no
replacements or
replacements were too
1853 Vaccination against smallpox compulsory Smallpox deaths
1954 Improvements in hospital hygiene Better army hospitals,
Florence nightingale. affected civilian hospitals
1854 John snow proved cholera came from Cholera cause now
infected water supply. known, people could try to
prevent it.…read more


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