Medicine through time 7 mark questions and answers

here are some questions from past ocr papers worth 7 marks, and some sample answers taken from the mark scheme

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7 mark Questions

Explain how the way of life and the beliefs of the Egyptians helped to make
advances in medicine

Egypt was a very wealthy country thanks to the River Nile. Every Year when the river
flooded it covered the surrounding land with fertile soil which then gave rich…

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Explain why the work of Galen is important to the history of medicine

Galen is important because he was the person that most people followed in the Middle Ages
for their ideas about the human body and medicine. He found out a lot about the anatomy
(structure) of the human…

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Explain why blood letting was widely used in the Middle Ages

Bloodletting was widely used in the Middle Ages because many diseases were thought to be
caused by excess blood in the body and bloodletting was seen as an obvious cure. As they
believed in Galen's Theory of Opposites, they…

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Explain why Vesalius was able to make so many discoveries about the human body
at that time

Vesalius was able to make so many discoveries at that time because it was the beginning of
the renaissance or the rebirth of learning. The idea of the renaissance meant that Vesalius

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Chance helped Pasteur a lot. When his assistant was injecting chickens with germs he forgot
to do it because he wanted to rush off on his holiday. When he came back he did the injections
then. The chickens did not die. Pasteur worked out that the germs that had been…

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Chance had an impact on medicine when Pare ran out of oil in the middle of a battle. Usually
boiling oil was used to treat soldiers with gunshot wounds but Pare ran out. He had to use
whatever he had at hand which was things like egg yolks and oil…

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