Medicine and Treatment 1350-1750 Quiz,

All answers are in the Edexcel GCSE History B SchoolsHistory Project Medicine and Surgery textbook, questions are in page order (easier when checkimg your answers!)

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Medicine and Treatment 1350 1750
What was the average life expectancy in 1350?
Why was it higher for the rich? 2 reasons
What was the infant mortality rate in 1350?
What were the three reasons for this?
Give 3 reasons why many adults died.
When was the first European medical school established, and what were they taught?
What are the four humours and state which season they link to.
When was astrology linked to Galen's ideas?
When was the first outbreak of the plague?
What caused it?
What fraction of sufferers died?
What fraction of the population died?

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What was the main religion in Europe in the middle ages?
Give 6 ideas about the causes of the plague from the time.
Give 6 ideas about treatments of the plague from the time.…read more

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What medical job could women do?
What became fashionable in the renaissance and among whom?
When was the renaissance period?
What was the royal society, when was it set up and what did they do?
What was Andreas Vesalius job?
When was his book published and what was it called?
What were the books 2 major impacts?
How did he learn about anatomy?
Name 4 of Vesalius' corrections.…read more

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What else did he discover but could not prove?
What did he explain about the heart?
Who discovered bacteria, what nationality was he and when?
How did he discover this?
What was his name for bacteria?
How long was it before Harvey's ideas were taught in medical schools and why was this?
Why did Harvey's work seem irrelevant to physicians at the time?
Where there many developments in the understanding of disease in the Renaissance
Name 15 events/factors affecting the development of medicine between…read more

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When was the second outbreak of plague?
Why do we not know much about the lives of women in this period? 2 reasons…read more


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