Public Health during the Renaissance

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  • Public Health during the Renaissance (Rebirth)
    • Vesalius
      • Proved Galen's ideas wrong
        • The Fabric of the Human Body
          • Muscles, nerves, organs and skeleton
    • Harvey
      • An Anatomical Account of the Motion of the Heart and Blood in animals
        • Blood is carried in veins and was pumped by the heart
    • Technology
      • Better microscope lenses led to the discovery of bacteria
      • Printing Press
      • Mechanical pumps showed that the human body worked like a machine
    • Impact on medicine
      • Causes of diseases still not understood
        • Old treatment methods were still used
      • Harvey's + Vesalius' ideas were slow to be accepted
        • Medical teaching still based on Galen's theories
    • John Hunter
      • Expert in dissection
        • Clear illustrations of human anatomy
      • Observation and Experiment
      • Changes in the body
        • Pregnancy
        • Progressive Diseases
      • Taught Edward Jenner
      • New Renaissance methods
    • Government Action    1350-1750
      • Public baths and toilets
      • Not letting people from other areas into towns and cities
      • Fines for littering
      • Health wasn't something for the government to be involved in, so there wasn't a lot of action from them
    • Problems 1350-1750
      • Poor sanitation
      • Polluted water
      • Cesspits /chamber pots
        • Emptied in drains or out the window




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