Medicine and Treatment 1750-1900 Quiz

All answers can be found in the blue section of the Edexcel GCSE History B Schools History Project Medicine and Surgery textbook, conatins EVERYTHING you need to know on this section :)

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Medicine and Treatment c1750 c1900
Why did people move to industrial towns?

Give 2 examples of industrial towns.

Why was it bad for a person's health to live in these areas? 6 reasons

When did cholera first arrive in Britain?

Why was cholera so frightening? 2 reasons

How did cholera…

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What year did Jenner publish his ideas on vaccination?

Who didn't like his work?

Why was vaccination not always successful?

When was vaccination made compulsory?

What year did the world health organisation announce that smallpox had been wiped out

What is the germ theory?

What were two benefits of…

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In what year did Koch identify the microbes that cause TB?

In what year did Koch identify the microbes that cause cholera?

What else did Koch discover?

Why did these breakthroughs have a limited impact?

By the end of which century was research usually carried out by a team rather…

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How did the government prevent this?

State 5 reasons John Hunter was important?

Why and when did women's role in midwifery decline?

When were there gradual changes to the attitudes towards women in society?

What happened in the mid19th century?

When and where had training for nurses begun?

What year…

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What was her significance? 4 things

When and where did the first cottage hospital open?

How many of these were there by 1900?

Where were the different classes treated? Upper, middle, working

Name three factors in the development of hospital care?

Who created a machine to standardise pills and when?…


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