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Media summaries: summary of the psychology of celebrity

Social psychological explanations for attraction of celebrity

Social comparison theory: make comparisons to other individuals in society.
Downward comparisons boost self esteem whilst upward comparisons allow us to
gauge how close we are to our ideal selves. Celebrities represent these…

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learn vicariously from celebrities, older people gossip for parasocial reasons and
to maintain social contacts. This shows that both age groups gossip for
evolutionary reasons. sampling issues, questionnaires. Davis and McCleod
found that sensational newspaper headline are all about the same themes (related
to reproductive success) across time…

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pathological and psychoticism although this correlation is weak. This shows that
the 3 types of worship are valid and it can explain individual differences in
celebrity worship. evidence based on self reports which may lower validity of
type of worship, also the supportive evidence is correlational so we…

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to achieve the goal or stalking. Dutton-Green found that in 288 students those
most likely to stalk ex partners were possessive, angry and had ruminated after
relationship termination. This shows that rumination promotes stalking. Cupach
found that in 400 students goal linking and rumination were associated with


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