Explanations for intense fandom (celebrity worship)- celebrity attitude scale

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Media Psychology
Explanations for intense fandom (celebrity worship)- celebrity attitude scale
This is a questionnaire that can be used to determine how much we worship
celebrities. Maltby researched this scale which was originally developed with 34
item scales. He used 781 males and 942 females from the UK who were aged
between 14 and 62 years and found the following three item scales:
Entertainment-social: fans are attracted to a celebrity because of their
perceived ability to entertain and to become a source of social interaction
and gossip.
Intense-personal: where the fan feels intensive and compulsive feelings
about the celebrity.
Borderline-pathological: fans feel a very strong connection with a celebrity
that is shown by uncontrollable behaviours and fantasies about that
External reliability: good test re test reliability as people get consistent
measurements overtime as people are likely to get the same score if they
did the questionnaire again.
Internal reliability: the questions for each type of worship consistently
measure the same behaviours or attitudes. The split half technique can be
used to determine the internal reliability.
/ Sampling issues: was a large sample of participants with a large age
range. However, it only looked at the UK and therefore only western
culture, it could be hard to generalise findings to other cultures.
Social desirability bias: people can lie on questionnaires in order to fit
into social norms. Therefore the validity of the conclusions may be poor.


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