Research into intense fandom, celebrity worship: absorption addiction model

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Psychology unit 4 media revision
Research into intense fandom-celebrity worship
Absorption-addiction model
This states that those with a weak sense of identity are most likely to become
absorbed in a celebrity. This is when the individual's attention is entirely focused
on the celebrity as they try to find out everything about them. This leads to the
second stage of addiction which is when the individual craves greater closeness to
the celebrity resulting in increasingly delusional behaviour. The main motivation
for this behaviour is to achieve a full sense of identity and social role.
Maltby found a correlation between the 3 types of celebrity worship and
Eysenck's personality traits which are well established and valid and included
extroversion, neurotism and psychotism. Entertainment social was linked to
extroversion, intense personal was linked to neurotism and borderline pathological
was linked to psychotism. This shows that these 3 types of worship are likely to
be valid and it can explain individual differences in celebrity worship.
Correlation is weak so the 3 types may not be valid to a large extent.
Evidence based on self reports which creates issues of social desirability bias
as people can lie on questionnaires so conclusions may be invalid.
Correlational support so we can't be sure that personality type causes different
types of celebrity worship or if the two are just related.
Description not explanation as it doesn't say why people worship celebrities as
it only identifies different ways they do.


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