Research into intense fandom, celebrity worship: link to attachment type

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Psychology unit 4 media revision
Research into intense fandom, celebrity worship
Link to attachment types
This idea states that resistant attachments can cause a person to be desperate to
seek a fantasy bond. Instead of feeling love for their partner they often feel
emotional hunger and they look for their partner to rescue or complete them.
These are the people who are most likely to form parasocial relationships which
develop into celebrity worship as they can't be rejected but want friendship.
Cole and Leets looked at 115 students and gave them questionnaires on
attachment types and celebrity worship level. They found that type C's were most
likely to worship celebrities and type A's were the least likely. This shows that
there is a link between attachment type and celebrity worship levels.
Social desirability bias due to the use of questionnaires
Low population validity as it only used students
Cohen found that in 381 Israeli adults, who completed questionnaires about
attachment styles and favourite TV characters that those with a type C
attachment were more likely to be upset when their favourite TV program ended.
This shows that type C's attachment can cause celebrity worship.
External reliability- if Cole and Leets and Cohen's studies are considered
together then external validity is good as the same results were found in each
study. This means there is good evidence to suggest that attachment type is linked
to celebrity worship.


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