Media Studies Unit 2 - Uses and Gratification


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The Uses and Gratifications theory
(McQuail, Blumler & Brown (1972)
Suggests that audiences actively use the
media to meet their own needs.
For example, maybe magazines may be used
by some people to make up for a lack of
self-esteem or social success.
The mode of address plays a part here, for
example, a typical girls' teenage lifestyle
magazine addresses its audience as a best
friend/sister, rather than an authority
4 main ways how the media tries to meet
its audience's needs:
Diversion: an escape from our routine
and problems
Personal relationships: the text
provides companionship and helps us
feel like part of a social group.
Personal Identity: the text helps us
explore and compare our own values
with other people's values, especially
those of celebrities and media

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Surveillance: the text gives us a
constant supply of information about
what is happening around the world.
1. Study the cover of your magazine. What
type of mode of address is used here?
What sort of person does the voice of
the magazine seem to belong to? Give
examples from the copy in your answer.
2.…read more


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