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Marxists theories sharply contradict pluralism.

Karl Marx states the rulings ideas are the ideas of the ruling class (the bourgeoisie). Contemporary
Marxists believe the media are the means by which the ideas of the ruling class maintain their
dominance as the ruling class.

Marxists argue that ruling ideas are…

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Huge corporations are able to capitalize on the following advantages to achieve
domination of the media market:

1. Levels of expenditure and economies of scale: Only global corporations have access to
levels of investment capital to mound projects like Titanic. Vast resources are available to
market and promote products as…

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Four major trends in media ownership can be identified over the last decades:

1. Concentration of Ownership

Bagdikian (1997) has pointed out that if each of the USA daily newspaper, magazines, radio
and television stations and book publishers, there would be 25000 owners. In fact, only 10
corporations dominate ownership…


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