Mao's China Timeline

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Year Changes in the The PLA (actions Terror and Agricultural Industrial Policy Social Policy (Gender, Result for Other
political system taken or Repression Policy health care, Mao's control
changes to the (including education, culture) of China?
armed forces). purges of the
46-49 civil war
194 -Mao comes to Red Army People's Republic
9 power. re-christened of China formed.
-New structure of People's
government (3 Liberation Army.
195 -Unification -Laogai camps -Land reform Korean war.
0 campaigns to started to appear movement began.
take hold of - Suppression of -Start of campaign
Tibet, Xinjiang, Counter-revoluti against religion.
and Guangdong onaries campaign -New marriage law
-Resist America & Aid
Korea campaign begins
195 First APC -Land reform
1 (agricultural movement ended
producers' -"three
co-operatives) anti-movement"
established. -Begin cautiously to
promote collectivisation
195 All Parties except the -"five-anti movement" Both "antis"
2 CCP had been -Land reform tightened his
destroyed completed grasp on China
- Mao begins to work
on health; posters etc.
195 First Five Year Plan End of Korean
3 war
195 Gao Gang and Rao
4 Rashi

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Anti-Hu Feng -Reform of the
5 campaign (to Mandarin language
purge -Stop, Contract,
intellectuals) Develop campaign
195 Krushchev's
6 secret speech
195 Hundred Flowers End of First Five
7 Campaign & Year Plan
almost all
195 -Formal start of the Formal start of the
8 Great Leap Great Leap
Forward (January) Forward (January)
-Sputnik commune
-Four Noes
195 Lushan conference. Tibetan rising.
9 Purge of Peng Dehuai Dalai Lama exiled.…read more

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Socialist Education
3 Movement launched
196 "Quotations from -All ranks "Quotations
5 Chairman Mao" abolished.…read more

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September ­ Last of Liu Shaoqi used Mao had
8 the 29 provincial as a scapegoat complete
committees and sent to control in the
established. "Entire prison new political
country is red" system
Committee meeting
held. Only 40
members left.
196 -Ninth Party Congress Congress was a huge Cultural Liu Shaoqi's
9 -Announced official success for Mao.…read more

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Hua Guafeng
appointed vice
chairman & Mao's
197 9th September- Death 9th September- 9th September- 9th September- 9th September- -9th September- Death 9th September- 9th September-
6 of Mao Death of Mao Death of Mao Death of Mao Death of Mao of Mao Death of Mao Death of Mao
-End of the Cultural
Add years as required.…read more


naomi crane

thank youuuu!!!! amazing so helpful!


This is a superb timeline which covers all the key events between 1949-76. It is organised into sections to allow revision of one aspect of Mao's China at a time.

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