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1913- Foreign Loan
1895 ­ Sino-Japanese War Yuan negotiate large loan to finance his
China defeated government
November 1908- Death of Guangxu and Cixi November 1911- Only 3 $100 million provided:
2yr old Pu Yi leader (Prince Chun regent) provinces still loyal to they would recognise Britain's…

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1913- 2nd Revolution
Republicans condemned harsh terms of Loan March 1916- Yuan renounces the Throne
GMD tried to organise armed resistance Dies 3 months later 1919- Sun declares reformation
Yuan's army crushed the resistance of GMD, Guangzhou becomes
1915- Japan's 21 Demands main power base
Introduced series of measures designed…

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1924 ­ Chiang Kaishek becomes C in C
1924 ­ Sun plans to unify China Appointed at Whampoa Military 1926 ­ Chiang dismisses some
1923- 3 principles of the People Academy at Guangzhou CCP officials and Wang
Nationalism, democracy, people's Jingwei (threat in GMD)
30th May Incident 1925

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April 1927- White Terror `Shanghai Massacre' 1929 ­ Encirclement Campaigns by GMD
Chiang intensifies attack on Communists Chaing's attempts to eradicate remainder of the CCP
Zhou Enlai formed trade union move Autumn 1927- Autumn Harvest rising Hans Von Seeckt suggested strangulation of CCP
5000 communists shot or beheaded by GMD…

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1936- Xi'an Incident
May 1933- Treaty of Tanggu 1934-5 ­ Famine and Drought Warlord Zhang Xueliang and CCP
Chinese accepted occupation of Flooding of the Yangtze River kidnapped Chiang Kiashek after growing
Manchuria by the Japanese Famine killed 30 Million tired of appeasement towards Japanese
National humiliation for China 1940-…

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1940 ­ Publication of Mao's 'New Democracy'
1941- Russo Japanese non Aggression pact
Appealed to Chinese to Unite against enemies of the Nation 1941- Russo-Japanese non-aggression pact
Solved fighting on the Manchurian border
between USSR and Japan

1940-4 ­ `New Government of China' 1942- Rectification of Conduct Campaign
Wang Jingwei…

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1945 ­ Soviet-GMD friendship treaty June 1946-October 1949-Chinese Civil War
Chiang allowed Soviet forces into Manchuria, in Struggle for Manchuria 1st October 1949 ­ Chinese People's Republic declared
return for the USSR recognising the GMD as the Strong Point Offensive 1947 Mao Zedong enters the Forbidden City
legitimate government in…


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