China 1900-1949 Timeline

Qing Dynasty
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1st Opium war- Britain attacks China, ends with a forced treaty of Naking on China, resulting in 50 treaty ports and concessions subject to UK, France, Germany and the USA
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2nd Opium War
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France take over Indo-China
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Japan take over Korea
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100 days- Reform of civil service and education
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Boxer Rebellion- Foreigners murdered, Cixi forced to pay foreign government $450 million
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Emperor Guangxu dies two days before Empress Cixi, three year old Puyi became Emperor. Prince regant Chun dismisses Yuan Shikai due to his limp
November 1908
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Double Tenth- Rebellion influenced by the railways and the GDM starts, troops turn mutinous and refuse to crush it.
10 October 1911
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Majority of provinces declare there independence, Yuan does a deal with the Qing to crush the revolutionarys.
Late November 1911
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Sun Yat Sun declared president
1 January 1912
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Yuan Shikai persuaded Yat-Sen to give up power in return for a workable government, he persuaded the Qing to give power to him. He declared himself PRESIDENT
12 February 1912
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Yuan took out an $100 million international loan, giving Tibet to the UK another loss of Chinese independance
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GMD tried to organised a second revelation,failing Sun Yat-Sun fled to Japan (again)
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World War One breaks out with Japan on the allies side from the start.
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Japan sends Yuan Shikai 21 Demands, demanding more power for Japan.
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National Humiliation Day. Yuan signs, revolt follow
7 May 1915
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Yuan declares himself Emperor of China, Yunan and other provinces declare their independence.
12 December 1915
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Drops his Emperor title
March 1916
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Dies aged 56
June 1916
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China joins with allies in World War One. 150,000 Chinese are sent to build trenches and other menial tasks but are mistreated.
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Zhang Xun sizes Beijing, tries to restore Puyi but fails
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Treaty of Versailles give German provinces to Japan ignoring China's help in WW1. This causes huge outrage and revolts
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4th May Movement begins violent protests at outcome of Versailles
4 May 1919
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CCP set up some-when, somewhere
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GMD first direct contact with the Russian Comintern
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Founding of the Whampoa Military Academy
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United Front, Comintern helps set up coalision between the two parties
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30th May Incident, Due to Chinese death from Japanese and British hands large scale anti-foreigners revolts start.
30 May 1925
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Sun Yat-Sen Death
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The United Front act against the Warlords- Northern expedition
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The White Terror, more than 5000 communists are murdered.
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Autumn Harvest Rising, CCP tries to rebel against the GMD yet fails
August-September 1927
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Nationalist China under the leadership of Chiang Kaishek and the GMD
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The Jiangxi Soviet, the CCP members who fled the White Terror
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GMD encirclement campaign, GMD and the NATIONAL REVOLUTIONARY ARMY of the GUOMINDANG (NRA) continues to attack the CCP and the PEOPLES LIBERATION ARMY (PLA)
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The Futian Incident, Mao kills 3000 of those he thinks oppose him.
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Japan occupy Manchuria
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The Long March, Mao moves the soviet away from the attacks from GMD (NRA)
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CCP set up soviet at Yanan
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The Sino-Japanese war (first part) China offers little resistance to Japan
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The **** of Nanjing
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100 Regiments Offensive, CCP (PLA) and GMD (NRA) join forces to fight Japan
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The Sino-Japanese war (second part) China allied with USA in the Second World War
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Rectification of Conduct, Mao either kills or uses his charm to persuade people to see him as The One Leader. 1000 are murdered
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Comintern dissolved
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Japan surrenders
August 1945
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The Chinese Civil War, GMD (NRA) vs CCP (PLA)
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Battle for Manchuria, winner takes it all (china that is) if Chiang won it would destroy the CCP
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Liaoshen campaign, Mao attacking the main GMD (NRA) bases. CCP (PLA) won Manchuria
September-November 1948
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Huaihai campaign, after losing Manchuria, Chiang tries to defend the provinces in between the Yellow and the Yangzi Rivers. He loses to Mao and the CCP (PLA).
November 1948- January 1949
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Pingjin Campaign, the CCP (PLA) success in Huaihai they take the major cites eg Beijing
November 1948-January 1949
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Fall of Nanjing and Shanghai
April-May 1949
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Mao declares the creation of the PEOPLE REPUBLIC OF CHINA
1 October 1949
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1st Opium war- Britain attacks China, ends with a forced treaty of Naking on China, resulting in 50 treaty ports and concessions subject to UK, France, Germany and the USA



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2nd Opium War


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France take over Indo-China


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Japan take over Korea


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