AQA AS Unit 2O Timeline of the Cultural revolution

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Events of the Cultural Revolution
Phase Main Events Confusion
Opening Shots Eradication of the four olds and all traces of western Mao did not give clear orders
Aug-Oct 1966 influences in China.
8th Aug ­ CPC issues "16 points on the Cultural Revolution"
seen as the official start of the revolution
18th Aug ­ 5am rally of 1m red guards
Early August targets include intellectuals and teachers, by
autumn it becomes more systematic and was directed at
party officials.
Widening and Oct 1966, Mao and the CRG stepped up their campaign Mao intervenes in Shanghai to
deepening the against Liu and Deng and accused them of resisting the promote further unrest with his
Cultural Cultural revolution two allies Zhang Chunqiao and
revolution Nov 1966 militant factory and office workers began to Yao Wenyuan to bring down the
Oct-Jan form their own red guard units. party committee.
1966-67 30th Dec 1966 serious street battles break out between However, when the party was
different rival factions outside the party offices. Rebels overthrown Mao argued the
seize control of the city and local leaders are purged. party would need to fit in
3rd Jan 1967 rebels seize control of the main newspaper in somewhere and withdrew his
Shanghai support from the Shanghai
5th Jan WRGH announce the overthrow of the Shanghai People's commune.
party committee, and announced the Shanghai Peoples
commune would be established to run the city.
Intervention of Top PLA commanders argued the PLA should be insulated Mao was careful not to reveal
the PLA from the revolutionary upheavals. his views on the issue. Although
Feb 1967 The CRG argued no sector of Chinese society should be he approved a directive that
immune. kept the PLA immune he did not
February Crackdown regional military commanders in condemn radical military cadets
Sichuan and Wuhan used armed force to supress radical when they staged struggle
groups and arrest their leaders. meetings against their
Radicalisation Feb 1967 the politburo ceased to function and many Mao and Jiang Qing began to
of the Cultural powers were now exercised by the CRG. advocate arming the radical
Revolution Wuhan July 1967 600 people were killed in clashes groups in preparation for a
Feb ­Aug 1967 between a conservative workers group and a radical struggle against capitalist
group. roaders.
Arm seizures from transports taking weaponry to North
Radical groups in Beijing seized control of the foreign
ministry and there were attacks on the British, Indian,
Burmese and Indonesian legations in Beijing.
Final Phase 11th Aug Mao issued a statement saying "dragging out capitalist Sits on the fence most of the
August 1967 ­ roaders was strategic" time whilst switching sides, from
August 1969 Late Aug Four most radical members of the CRG were Purged. stating "dragging out capitalist
September Mao opposed an order that forbade the red guards
roaders was strategic" to the
from stealing weapons
Spring 68 the net was widened into a campaign for the cleansing of the class ranks.
"cleansing of class ranks", new regulations made it illegal to
criticise Mao
Summer 68 Mao took steps to restore order in Shanxi and
Guangxi provinces where civil war was raging,

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