Mao's China Timeline

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Mao's China Timeline
1949- End of civil war
1949- Mao becomes president, PRC is established, CCP becomes the ruling party
1950- New Marriage laws
1950- Sino- soviet treaty
1951- The Three Anti's Campaign
1951- Mutual aid teams established
1952- The Five Anti's Campaign
1952- Agriculture Producers Co-operatives (APCs) formed (till 1953)
1953- First Five Year plan (till 1957)
1954- China removes 6 Bureaus and creates 13
1955- Much larger APCs
1955- Language reform passed
1957- The Hundred Flowers Campaign
1958- Second Five year plan/GLF (till 60 as it failed, but should be till 62)
1958- China's Great Famine (till 1962)
1959- Bad weather (including 1960)
1959- Lushan conference
1959- Succession struggle begins
1960- the relationship between the soviet strains and breaks
1962- The Third Five Year plan (till 1965)
1962- Mao resigns as President, Liu Shaoqi become pres
1963- Mao is sidelined and already regrets giving up his power
1966- Mao regains his power
1966- Cultural Revolution begins (till 1969)
1966- All universities closed for 2 years

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The fall off Lin Biao
1976- Mao dies
1976- Deng Xiaoping become president and chairman
1976- the gang of four is arrested…read more


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