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Foreign Policy
Louis XIV 1643 - 1715…read more

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Gains Concessions/problems
Broke the Spanish lines of encirclement and Spain has not yet defeated, the Fronde
communication encouraged them to fight against France
France gained the towns of Lorraine and North Eastern border is still vulnerable, Year
Alsace of Corbie was not forgotten
Countries under the Holy Roman Empire
gained full independence
The Emperor had to tolerate Lutheran and
Calvinist beliefs
HRE was weakened
· In Alsace, France obtained virtual control
· But the town still retained their status as imperial fiefs, belonging
to the Holy Roman Empire
· The draft was riddled with ambiguity but provided Mazarin with
the chance to exploit it later…read more

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· The POW did not end the war between Spain and France
· The Fronde encouraged Spain to carry on fighting
· France allied with England, offering them Dunkirk if Spain was
· The English alliance was extremely useful to bring Spain to
· When an English army of 6,000 joined, Spain sued for peace
· However, Mazarin struggled to bring them to negotiations
· Louis was the most eligible bachelor in Europe
· M conducted a spectacular piece of theatre
· He publicly broadcasted the possibility of Louis marrying the
Daughter of the Duke of Savoy
· The Spanish were horrified and dispatched representatives to
negotiate, 1658…read more

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Gains Concessions/problems
Various towns were given to France which France had to deny further aid to rebel within
strengthen her NE border the Peninsula
Spain recognised all French acquisitions Conde, who had fought with the Spanish, had
to be forgiven and his lands retuned
Louis XIV was married to Maria Theresa The NE was still not a strong as Louis XIV
would have liked
· The threat of the Hapsburgs had finally been scotched
· France's frontiers had become more secure
· The emperor's power in Germany was limited by the Treaty of
· It was clear that France was now the dominant power in Europe…read more

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· In 1665, Phillip IV of Spain died; he left behind a sickly child who
was expected to die
· Louis hoped this would allow him to advance his wife's' claims to
the Spanish inheritance
· He draw up an old Flemish law that when a man re-married, as
Phillip did, his property should `devolve' to the children of his first
· This only applied to private property
· Louis demanded possession of a number of Spanish land
· However, in Phillip's will he declared his daughter had no claim
· Louis simply rose an army of 50,000 men and took the towns of:
Dovair, Charleroi, Oudemarche and Lille
· Alarmed by his success, England, United provinces and Sweden
joined in a Triple Alliance, 1668
· It aimed to limit Louis gains, he retaliated by opening negotiations
with the Emperor Leopold…read more

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Gains Concessions/problems
Louis was able to keep many of his conquests Restore France-Comte to Spain
in the Spanish Low countries
Treaty of Gremoville/secret deal: The Had to evacuate Lorraine
Emperor offered to divide the Spanish with
Louis on the death of Carlos II
THE DUTCH WAR 1672 - 9
· Colbert had altered tariffs in order to drive Dutch competitions
from French ports
· 1672, the Dutch banned all French imports for a year
· France diplomats isolated the Dutch from making alliances, with
other countries
· They were offered subsidies not to join with the Dutch
· The only country willing to join the Dutch was Brandenburg…read more

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