James' Rule 1685-89

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  • James' Rule
    • Politics
      • Miller points out he was an ageing man in hurry, wanting to solidify Crown's position for his infant son
        • However, Farr points out he was inflexible like his Father, and a 'conviction politician' (Smith)- united his enemies
          • Speck emphasises his goal of absolutism
      • The 1687 Dec. of Indulgence- right of office for Catholics
    • Religion
      • 'A determined Catholic' (Farr)
        • Mullett adds that in 1686 he was seen to be aggressive towards the Church
      • Godden vs. Hales in 1686 showed how he wished to use his powers; he removed six judges to swing vote
      • In Scotland and Ireland he exercised prerogative
        • Ireland; Richard Talbot as L.D. - 1686 67% troops Catholic
        • Scotland; Argyll's uprising failure, freedom of worship for Catholics and Quakers in Feb 1687
    • Foreign policy
      • It was though that through his standing army (force that put down Monmouth- 90 Catholic officers) he would help Louis XIV invade the Dutch
      • 90 Catholic officers in standing army, his own 'personal guard'


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