Glorious Revolution - Theme 1 - Aims of the revolution.

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KEY:      = was revolutionary      = not revolutionary

Why did it happen?

  • Driven by fear of Catholicism 
    • The bed pan baby
    • Godden vs Hales
    • James reissued the Declaration of Indulgence in 1688 giving toleration to all religious groups, both protestant and Catholic. 
  • Desire for stability
    • The key aim of the political elite was to remove James and then bring about stability, the only way to do this was through a change of monarch
  • Actions of the elite determined to defend their power and influecne
    • The Immortal 7 were seven leading political figures representing virtually all sections of the political nation in England

What happened?

  • It was possible for different people to beleive completely different things about the Glorious Revolution:
    • Maclaulay concluded that it was the least violent revolution known to history


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