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Charles II and Foreign Policy

Charles involvement
Charles was heavily involved with foreign affairs. He spoke many foreign languages and
so talked directly to foreign ambassadors but this meant that even some of Charles
closest advisors didn't know what Charles had done or agreed to.

Charles had…

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was given access to Portuguese colonies and were given gifts in the form of the
territories o Bombay and Tangier. Marriage in 1662.

Ramifications meant England had to help defend Portuguese interests which meant
helping them with their struggle to become independent from Spain. In 1668 England
helped Portugal to…

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C) England gained (New York New Jersey) these were beneficial to England

1667 85
The Dutch Alliance (part of the triple alliance 1668)

This alliance appeared to indicate a protestant direction in foreign affairs (which
parliament liked), the alliance was caused by Louis XIV's aggressive foreign policy
where he captured…

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4) The Dutch were a commercial rival
5) A military victory would give England maritime supremacy

Charles made two mistakes in trying to achieve his aims.

Charles promised to convert which meant that Louis now had a devastating
blackmail weapon which he could use as he chose.
Charles started the…

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England was seen as conducting two foreign strategies

The official, protestant and proDutch one from Danby
The secret, unofficial proFrench one from Charles

Danby's approach

Pros Cons
Would help improve relations with Danby failed to secure an alliance with the
parliament and therefore increase the Dutch which he promised in…


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