"Way of the World" Act 1 Scene 1

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Act 1, Scene 1

What happens? 

  • Mirabell loses a game of cards against Fainall because he is distracted and thinking about Millament.
  • He reveals that he is frustrated because Witwoud and Petulant flirted with Millament, who did not reject them.
  • Mirabell relates to Fainall why Lady Wishfort hates him: he flatters her by telling her that there is a rumour that she is pregnant because she is getting fat, and in labour with a young man's child when she had to stay home sick. He did this in order to hide his love for her niece, Millament. Mrs Marwood revealed the truth to her.
  • Mirabell asks Betty the waitress for the time, because he is waiting for news of Waitwell and Foible's marriage.

What does this scene reveal about the characters?


  • "Though you may have cruelty enough not to satsify a lady's longing, you have too much generosity


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