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BCS Revision…read more

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Data Protection Act (DPA)
Introduced to protect the privacy of people
whose personal information is stored on
Companies must adhere to a set of 8
standards unless:
It is used for personal use.
It is used in pay-role.
It is held for national security.
The data subject has given permission to be
on the mailing list.…read more

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8 Standards
1. You can not store personal data un-less the
data subject has given permission.
2. Data can only be used for the purpose it was
3. Only data relevant to that activity may be asked
4. Regular updating must be undertaken.
5. Data must only be stored as long as
6. The data stored must not infringe on the data
subjects rights.
7. Data must be kept in a secure location and can
not be copied.
8. Personal data can not be transferred to…read more

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Copyright, Design and Patent
The law makes its illegal to copy a
protected file or picture without the
copyrights owner's permission.
Punishment could be a fine or jail
sentence. Examples of breaking this law
Downloading music or software.
Using pirate software without a licence.
Re-using pictures and logos.…read more

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Computer Misuse Act (1990)
Unauthorised access to computer material.
Unauthorised access with intent to commit or
facilitate commission of further offences.
Unauthorised modification of computer
material.…read more

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Computer Legislation Task
In pairs, discuss the case scenarios on your
worksheet and decide what laws (if any) have
been broken.…read more

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