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2. Human Resources
This section introduces students to
the importance of people in helping
businesses achieve their objectives.
In particular the importance of
recruiting, retaining and rewarding
staff, and providing a safe working
environment.…read more

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Students should be aware of the
different types of contracts:
temporary, part-time and
permanent and know their most
important features, eg job position,
place of work, hours of work and
Students should understand the
process involved in the recruitment
2.1 Recruitment and Selection of and selection of staff, both
Staff internally and externally.
contracts of employment
Students should be aware of the
methods of internal and external
methods used to recruit staff
recruitment including notice boards, job
job description and person
centres, agencies, advertisements
specification. in newspapers and the trade press,
as well as the increasing use of the
internet to recruit on line.
Students should know how to
match a person's knowledge and
skills obtained from an application…read more

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Students need to be aware
of how a business can
develop and train its staff
both in-house and
2.2 Training Students should be able to
choose the most
methods of training
appropriate method of
training for particular
in-house training
off-the-job training.
Students should be able to
identify the benefits of staff
development training both
to the individual and the
business.…read more

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Students should know the
different methods of
remuneration such as
wages and salaries,
overtime, bonus and
2.3 Rewarding Staff commission and be able to
carry out simple pay
methods of
other forms of reward.
Students should be aware
of other forms of reward
paid to staff, including
fringe benefits, such as
staff discounts, medical
care and life insurance.…read more

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Students should be
aware of current
legislation affecting
employment rights
2.4 Employment and responsibilities
Rights and and equal
Responsibilities opportunities such
equal opportunities. as those relating to
discrimination on
the grounds of
gender, race,
disability and age.…read more


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