Leadership Styles & Types

A2 Physical Education, Psychology - Leadership Styles & Types

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Leadership Styles
Two broad types of leaders occur ­ most effective leaders are a mixture of both
Task Oriented ­ Concerned mainly with the demands of the task
Person Oriented ­ Concerned mainly with interpersonal relationships within a group
Leadership Types
The Authoritarian leader makes all the decisions, the democratic leader shares the
decision making, and the laissezfaire leader sits back and lets others make
decisions. Each type can be effective in different situations.
Authoritarian Leader
They make all the decisions and don't care what others think about it
Large group of children, inexperienced ­ in dangerous situations
Task oriented, dictatorial, makes all the decisions, direct apporach
Democratic Leader
Wants to involve people in decision process. Willing to take ideas in but makes the
final decision.
Person oriented, value groups view, shares decisions, shows interest in others
Just sit back and lets people get on with the job
Makes few decisions, gives little feedback to group members who do as they wish,
leave the work to other leaders of the group.


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