Latin GCSE Prose Text: The Power of the Druids

This is my translation, with the corresponding latin words underneath, of the first section of the druids prose text, "The Druids and their Power" Together with some notes and important words to know.

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Prose Latin text The Power of the Druids

Julius Caesar encountered the druids when on his conquest of Gaul (France.) They
were priests recruited mainly from the nobility and they were the only ones powerful
enough to organise opposition to the Roman rule throughout Celtic tribes.

The Druids are concerned…

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Notes ­ style of the text

This is found it Julius Caesar's account, writing about the customs of the Gaul and
Germany. He begins his description with an analysis of the Gallic tribal groupings and
proceeds to an account of the druids and the nights which are the dominant social…

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The alliteration of "causa concurrit" rush for the sake of, emphasizes their eagerness.

Repeating "magnoque" and "magnus", meaning large, helps to emphasise their
"honare" they are in honour because they have a influence over a large amount of

Constituuent meaning decide, they decide on disputes. They deal with crime…


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