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EXTENDED…read more

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Consists of a married mother & father and dependent
Seen as the typical family.
Functionalists see the nuclear family as the best family
type as it makes best use of men and women's different
natural ability. The nuclear family provides functions that
no other family type can provide properly. They are:
Reproduction, economical support, emotional support
and primary socialisation.
Feminists however say the nuclear family is
only beneficial for men.
Marxists argue that the family benefits the
ruling class.…read more

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Lone Parent Family.
A quarter of all families in Britain are lone
Feminists see this family as a positive choice,
but do not recognise that some lone parent
families experience problems.
The new right are critical of lone parent
families, stating that boys suffer by
not having a male role model to
copy during socialisation.…read more

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· Make up 10% of families with dependant
· New family created after divorce/ separation
· Second marriage/ cohabitation
· Step-parents
· Step-children…read more

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Cohabitation and the decline of
In the last 30 years, marriage has decreased and
cohabitation has increased. Why?
Church weddings are too
expensive, formal and Religion has become less
religious. influential.
Cohabitation is seen as
`preparation for marriage' CHESTER…read more

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