Sociology Family Revision

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Different Types of Family

Nuclear Family - Most traditional type of family. Includes: mother, father and dependant kid(s). Known as "Cereal Packet Family"

Extended or 'Beanpole' Family - Parents and children along with: grandparents = vertically extrended. Aunts and uncles = horizontally extended.

Lone Parent Family - One parent who looks after the child(ren).

Same Sex Family - Gay or lesbian adopting a child.

Reconstituted or Step Family - Remarriaging couples who bring their children together.

Empty nest Family - When the children have grow up and left their parents' household. 

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Symmetrical Conjugal Roles (Young and Wilmott)

  • Idea that both men + women contribute to work at home
  • Feminists criticise - glory jobs, men work "say they do"
  • "long hours culture" and implications for men
  • Development within home -eg- dishwasher

House husband - Stay at home taking care of the children - 1990s - media - "New Man"

"New Man" - Shares housework and childcare equally with partner - not necessary full time like househusband.

Division of Labour - Traditional roles with family: Father = "Breadwinner". Mother = "Housemaker" (less clear)

Segregated Conjugal Roles - Traditional jobs done with the home: Men = gardening, DIY etc. Women = cleaning, cooking. 

"Double Burden" - Women who have to balance work and being a "housemaker" ("Triple Shift") 

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