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Revision activity
booklet for Paper 2

Topic 6 ­ Social Inequality

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Social inequality

What is social inequality and stratification? Green Ambe Red

What so sociologists mean by the term social inequality?

How is society stratified by social class?

How is society stratified by gender?

How is society stratified by age?

How is society stratified by gender?

How does stratification affect…

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How are wealth, income and poverty distributed in
the UK?

Is wealth distributed fairly through the UK population?

What is social mobility?

What is poverty?

How do we measure poverty?

Which social groups are most likely to experience poverty?

What are the sociological explanations of poverty?

What is the culture…

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Ascribed status

Asylum seeker

Culture of poverty

Cycle of deprivation

Dependency culture

Environmental poverty

Ethnic diversity

Ethnic group

Ethnic minority

Glass ceiling


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Institutional racism

Life chances

Means testing

Middle class


Poverty trap

Racial discrimination

Racial equality

Racial prejudice


Relative poverty


Selective benefits

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Sex discrimination


Social exclusion

Social mobility

Social security

Socioeconomic class

Social stratification


Subjective poverty



Universal benefits

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Voluntary sector


Welfare reform

Welfare state

Welfare to work

Working class

What is stratification?

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Stratification describes the way in which different groups of people are placed within
society. The status of people is often determined by how society is stratified the basis of
which can include

o Wealth and income This is the most common basis of stratification

o Social class

o Ethnicity


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society are neither rich nor poor. They form part of the middleclass ­which is the most
numerical social class within society.

During your revision, you need to be aware that life chances are determined by factors
such as

o Social class

o Gender

o Schooling

o Ethnicity, etc.

You also…

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gained in wealth and income. Britain now has a relatively low level of income tax for those
on a high level of income.

You also need to explain why such changes have occurred to the distribution of wealth
and income. For example during the 1980s the number of people in…



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Ey yo who the hell says that age is socially constructed?!?!? Man you're messed in the head, I bet you failed and couldn't even get a BTEC

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