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Studying Society

  • Culture: The way of life of a group of people passed from one generation to the next.
  • Values: Beliefs held by a person or social group.
  • Norms: How you are expected to act in society e.g. Eating with a knife and fork not with your hands.
  • Primary Socialization: Where the parent teaches the child the norms and values in life e.g. Not swearing.
  • Secondary Socialization: Behavior reinforced from society. For example, at school children learn how to memorise their multiplication tables.
  • Agencies of socialization: The family and peer groups are agencies for example the family has the power to influence an individual's self-concepts, emotions, attitudes, and behaviors.
  • Sampling Techniques: Stratifed, Random, Systematic, Quota, Cluster, Snowball
  • Qualitavie: Data in form of words
  • Quantitative: Data in form of numbers
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  • Types of family
  • Extended faily: composed of the nuclear family and other relatives
  • Family diveristy: the idea that there are many different types of family structure
  • Cohabiting: Partners living together without being married
  • Nuclear: Traditional famiy
  • Foster family
  • Adoption Family
  • Reconstituted family: step mum/dad step sister/brothers
  • Lone parent family
  • Same sex familly

Politicians are keen to promote nuclear family they think children are better off coming from that family. Also less crime.

  • Enforcer dad: strict enforces dicipline
  • Entertainer dad: entertains children while mums does household chors
  • Useful dad:helps mum with cleaning but needs to be told what to do
  • New man: stay at home dad does housework looks after kids while mum works
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Marriage and Divorce

  • Number of divorces has risen over last 50 years
  • Only 25% of women aged 20-29 are married
  • Same sex couples legally aloud to get married in 2005

Why has divorce risen?  

  • Changes in the law
  • Pressure on working lives
  • Fewer marriages
  • Use of internet
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  • 1 phone call every minute to police about domestic violence
  • 750,00 children witness abuse
  • 11% domestic victims is against men
  • 1 in 4 women will be a victim of domestic violence
  • Average.. 2 women a week killed
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Goverment Policies

  • "We will cut taxes for all working families on low and middle incomes, not just select few" Liberal Democrats Leader.
  • "It is our ambition to introduce free and universal childcare provision for all children aged 18 months- five for 20 hours per week.

Education Policies

  • We will aim to cut class sizes, set teachers free to spend more time in the classroom and raise standards in every school with more money for things like one to one tuition and classes in the evenings. Liberal Democrats
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