LA sustainbility

LA sustainbility

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How the city authorities are making los angles
more sustainable.
The city of la produces 18 million tonnes of co2 a year so therefore the council are trying to
improve the life of the residents of the city an many enclave that the city has, by supplying
amities such as traffic management and good waste disposal, in a bid to improve air quality
and other aspects that are poor due to LA's pollution.
LA is one of the most badly polluted areas in California due to it abundance so cars and
transport systems so suffers from smog, this build up of smog is not only due to this but it
geographical location as only revise 15 inches of after a year it isn't enough to clear the
smog, smog can cause many reputational problems and difficulty is said to increase the
chances and increase the lev3l of infection which may contributor to bronchitis and asthma
many of which affect those young and old , the most venerable because the city of LA moat
ensure he protection of the generation to came by becoming more sustainable in there
actions. so therefore through a system called environmental legalisation which includes the
clear air act, which enforces laws on car use and have mandated cars on lowemission and
hybrid cars. However in the present day the American lung associates have ranks the city
the most polluted in the country. In association with the poor quality of air comes the bad
quality of the water as it is threatened by gas station and a substance called perchloate a
type of rocket fuel
Due to the 3,792,621 people that live in la it has got a waste disposal problem which they
are trying to tackle with various means one of which is general and advanced recycling
which they annually collect over 240,000 tonnes per year of recyclables and 480,000
tonnes of garden waste, so they set themselves target which have meat to divert from up to
50% of using landfill.
Also the city has associated themselves with a scheme of developing a very effective and
economically feasible reduction scheme, called the EPP (Environmentally Preferable
Purchasing)) and reuse programs, activities, and policies for its residents, businesses.
Also the city associates the ewaste program (Electronic Waste) it is a popular, informal
name for unwanted electronic products. Items such as computers, TV's, and telephones are
common electronic devices that become unwanted as they are replaced by more
technological advanced forms or just general nicer looking. Some of these unwanted
electrical products can be reused or refurbished by charitable organizations such as the
Salvation Army and the goodwill industries.
In conclusion LA is very polluted and steps must taken due to there problems the city of
LA there are still taking signifgant steps in the direction of improving the problems such as
the ewaste scheme a many like it as there geographical location doesn't help them they
must find effective and sustainable ways in making LA a safe and sustainable place to live
and the city of LA is becoming more sustaible but more is needed. Enforcing laws so secure
the future of this city which may not have been due to the over welling problems of


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