Population 38 million 

MEDC GDP per captia is $60,000 with HDI of 0.95 which is nearly the highest. 

California econmy is the 6th largest in the world 

California has been a desirable since gold was discovered 

Income is abou £35,000 a year 

HAZARD in california 

Drought- problem is Southern California but more in La Nina year, exacerbated by lack of water supplies in Los Angeles for the rising population 

Wildfires/ bushfires- as LA expands into rural areas wildfires are a major hazard and in dry Santa Ana wind periods, likely to increase as people move out t hells on the fringe of LA 

Fog and smog- fog occur when cool air from cold off shore curren drift inland and mes warm air. Climate conditions combine with car pollution to generate photochemical smog

Coastal flooding- the area around Long Beach floods in heavy storms, increasing threat with sea level rise 

River flooding - rivers are channelised but…


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