Hazard Hotspot: California

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  • Hazard Hotspots: California
    • Fact file
      • Has a GDP per capita of $65,000
      • Population of 38 million
      • It is 200 square miles wide
    • 1994 Northridge earthquake in LA
      • Earthquake of 6.7 hitting northern LA
      • 57 people died
      • 12,500 buildings were damaged
      • $20 billion in damages
    • Tectonic Activity
      • It lies on the fault line between the Pacific plate and the North American Plate, they make a conservative plate boundary
      • A conservative plate boundary is where the two plates are of equal densities rub against each other and are moving in the same direction. But one moves faster than the other creating friction
      • Also has the San Andreas fault line running along LA to San Fransisco
    • El Nino and La Nina
      • El Nino
        • On-shore tropical winds blow towards California from the Pacific Ocean
        • On-shore moist winds
        • Increased sub-tropical rains
          • This causes landslides
      • La Nina
        • Off-shore winds blow towards California from New Mexico
        • Dry warm air with little rain
          • Increased chances of drought or bushfires (or wildfires)


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