El Nino and La Nina

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  • El Nino and La Nina
    • El Nino
      • El nino years there is usually heavy rain in Peru and California and dry conditions in indonesia and Australia
      • Every one to tow years El Nino years warm water takes over the cold water in the west.
      • Warmer water on the coast of America and colder water on in the coast of Australia
    • La Nina
      • During La Nina years there is unusually heavy rain in Australia and Indonesia and drought in America (California)
      • 1-2 La Nina years
      • La Nina more extreme normal conditions
    • How El Nino influences weather conditions in different parts of the world
      • South- East Australia
        • Drought
          • Due to colder water and dry air
      • Peru
        • Flooding
          • Warm water causing more evaporation and heavy rain
      • California
        • Flooding
          • Warm sea water causing evaporation and heavy rain
      • Philippines
        • cold sea water causing dry air and no evaporation
        • Drought


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