El Nino and La Nina effect


El Nino and La Nina Effects

El Nino:

  • El Nino is a climate cycle in the pacific Ocean with a globak impact on weather patterns.
  • The Cycle begins when warm water in the Western Tropical Pacific Ocean shifts Eastward along the equator towards the coast of South America.
  • This warm water pools near Indonesia and the Phillipines.
  • El Nino causes the Pacifics warmest surface waters to sit offshore of NorthWestern South America.
  • The location of tropical storms then shifts Eastwards during El Nino due to Atmospheric moisture as this provides fuel for thunderstorms and the greatest amount of evaporation takes place above the oceans warmest water.
  • It causes warmer water tempratures and brings violent storms such as hurricanes.

Overall effects:

  • In the East there is warmer water, which results in lower pressure which caused wetter conditions
  • In the West there is colder water which results


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