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La Muela

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General Info
Facts Map
1987, there were only 740
In 2005, there were 3,500
people living in La Muela with
4,000 new apartments being
erected for yet a further
12,000 inhabitants
Wind on the high plain, offers
perfect conditions for the
exploitation of wind energy
23 km southwest of Zaragoza…read more

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Current Generation
Presently, 371 wind turbines in La Muela area
Expected capacity of 407 MW, one fifth of the wind
power generators in Aragón (Region North east in Spain)
and more generation by wind than in Italy or China.
The project generates enough clean, green electricity to
supply around 43,000 homes and help reduce reliance
on existing less environmentally-friendly energy
It is estimated that the project displaces up to 175,000
tonnes of carbon dioxide each year which would
otherwise have been produced by a power station
burning fossil fuel. (Environmental benefit)…read more

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Advantages and Opportunities
Economic growth due to wind farms
The municipal budget is now eighty times higher than 1987
due to the consistent construction of wind energy parks as
generating companies pay 1m (£940,000) a year to the town
hall in rent and taxes
Schools, schoolbooks, libraries, Internet access, computer
training courses and music schools are free of charge
New sports and swimming facilities and a congress centre
have been built. Three museums, a theatre, a bull-ring
Economic and social benefits to the broad mass of
Subsidised holidays to Cancún, Mexico, to Brazil, and to the
Caribbean beaches of Santo Domingo…read more


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