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King lear

King Lear: Act 5 Scene 3

Key: plot form language structure character

Lines 1-32: Edmund escorts the prisoners Lear and Cordeila. Lear looks
forward to sharing a happy life with Cordeila in prison. When they have
been lead away, Edmund gives a written instruction to one of the…

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King lear

Stage directions of trumpets sounding, to create a sense of excitement
(dramatic effect) lines 115-118.
Lines 126-141: Edgar's speech accuses Edmund of treason. Edgar says that
Edmund doesn't not deserve all the things he has gained such as new titles.
He then says that he has been untrue…

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King lear

audience feel sympathy towards Edmund despite him being the villain of the
Lines 267- 291: Lear has killed the man responsible for Cordeila's death.
Lear recognizes Kent, eventually, but does not listen when Kent tells him
that he is no other than his servant, Caius. Kent also…


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