King Lear Act 3 scene 1 notes

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King Lear revision
Act 3 scene 1 notes
Kent is told Lear is wondering on the heath in a storm and is behaving madly. There
is rumour of conflict between Albany and Cornwall and Kent says the French army
have landed in Dover with Cordeila. Kent asks the gentleman to go to Dover and
tell Cordeila what has happened to Lear.
Conflict- possible war between Cornwall and Albany
Loyalty- Kent shows loyalty to Lear by making sure that Cordeila knows
what happened to him.
Lear- growing more mad and is having suicidal thoughts
Kent- still feels noble even though he has adopted the role of a servant and
feels he still has a position of power as he orders the gentleman to go to
Language features
Kent is the dominant speaker and is the agenda setter as he uses imperative
verbs such as "that" which meant `go do that' in Shakespearian times.
Lear is commanding the waters to swallow up the land, uses powerful,
commanding lexis creating dramatic effects of shock as the audience is
shocked by Lear's sudden change in behaviour and the extremity of it.


benita birak

Do you have the notes and not just the revision notes for act 3 4 and 5? Many thanks 

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