King Lear: act 3 scene 3 notes

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King lear
King Lear: Act 3 Scene 3
Key: plot form language structure character
Lines 1-17: Gloucester tells Edmund he isn't happy with how Lear is treated
and he decides to help the king. There is more talk of the conflict between
Cornwall and Albany. Gloucester asks Edmund to to mention the invasion
Lines 18-25: when Gloucester leaves Edmund declares he will tell Cornwall
everything about his father to gain a personal advantage.
Line 7: dramatic irony as this is a sarcastic utterance from Edmund as he
doesn't believe this. It is said in a elaborate way to show its sarcasm.
"Unnatural dealing" Gloucester believes the way Lear is treated is wrong
and against nature as the king should be treated with respect.
Gloucester is plotting to save Lear and his turns are spoken in prose as the
sentences are long with little structure.
Edmund decides to tell Cornwall straight away so Edmund is a traitor. He is
also power hungry as he wants to seek power over his father.


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