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King Lear: Act 1 Scene 3
Key: plot form language structure character
Lines 1-27: Goneril is preparing for Lear to come and spend the first night
living with her for one month. Goneril tells her steward, Oswald that she
isn't happy with her father's attitude. Goneril tells Oswald to make sure her
staff neglects Lear and his followers. She plans to use the complaints he
makes to her advantage. She will write to Regan asking her to help with
dealing with Lear.
Goneril decides to manipulate her father by using his complaints to her
Goneril is angry that Lear has those flashes of anger; he hit her steward,
"Idle old man" insults Lear; he wants power without putting the effort in.
"Old fools are babes again" suggests he is acting in a childish way.


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