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Scott Bates BTEC Sport
What is ISPAL?
ISPAL is the professional body - for sport, parks and leisure professionals - long demanded and needed.
ISPAL is designed, built, and highly motivated, to serve its members.
ISPAL is new, and it's different. It try's maintain the best traditions of the two bodies "from whence we
sprang" - ILAM and NASD and add many new dimensions, services and products all designed to meet
the needs of it's members.
ISPAL is a new force in this fast-growing industry. We are the new, long-needed professional body
for the sport, parks and leisure industries. We are formed from two substantial bodies, ILAM and
NASD, and we'll carry on their specific missions. They aim, however, to be bigger and better, to
reach further and do more.
ISPAL will serve and represent the workforce in the sport, parks and leisure industry. They offer you,
as members, great value for money.
They provide qualifications, CPD, training, career and job advice, a high tech and fast access
information service, a magazine delivered to your door, and frequent e-zines and mails straight to
your PC or mobile. They'll make sure you get all the latest news and comment about your industry.
This is a major industry, and as growth continues, it's important to raise standards across the board.
This is a key reason for the strong government support behind ISPAL. We are grateful for minister
Richard Carborn's strong backing, and for the terrific support and encouragement given us by Sport
England. Without them, ISPAL would remain just a dream.
Come and join us. We'll be there for you, whatever your age group, speciality, interests, location, job
status or background. We will retain traditional values and goals; we will be ahead of the game. We
will fire bullet points; we will persuade. We will battle; we will petition. We will fight for the best for
our industry.
David Teasdale Chief Executive


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