Development Dilemas - Sardar Sarovar Dam

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Development Dilemas - Sardar Sarovar Dam


  • Population is growing - enough clean water for everyone
  • Be able to install pipelines - water in all villages
  • More women educated - marry later - less children
  • Government making money from hydroelectric power
  • Supplies 3.5 billion litres of drinking water
  • Workers earn enough to send children to secondary school - more chance of tertiary jobs in the future - less primary industry jobs
  • Cheaper power - cheaper electricity bills - cheaper cotton- more trade
  • More stable wages for workers
  • Workers get bonuses
  • Environmentally friendly hydroelectric power
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  • 254 villages flooded, 320,000 people forced to migrate
  • they are still poor - children can't go to school                                                   - can't pay for medicine
  • Wait for benefits to be felt
  • Takes time
  • Have to wait for money to be raised for pylons to be constructed
  • Nobody lives in Earthquake-proof buildings
  • Lots of damage - expensive to fix - difficult to pay
  • A large lake forms behind dam
  • All weight will push on Earth's crust - earthquake - flood - destroying local eco-systems
  • Farmers grow less crops - worse off
  • Sediment gets trapped behind dam - electricity turbines become clogged - expensive to fix
  • Farmers will have to buy expensive fertilisers
  • Fewer crops
  • Soil becomes infertile
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The Sardar Saravar Dam is an example of a top down development project. It means that 1.8 million hectacres of land will be irrigated. However, 234 villages have been flooded. Moreover, 320,000 people have been forced to migrate. On the other hand, farm productiongwill increase by £20 billion in one year.


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