The League of Nations

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  • The League of Nations
    • Set up to keep internal peace in the future.
    • Formed in 1919-1920
      • There were initially 42 member states
        • This number increased to by 59 during the 1930s.
    • The Covenant
      • A set of 26 rules that all members agreed to follow
        • They encouraged trade and improving social conditions.
    • They encouraged Nations to disarm.
    • Article 10
      • Most important
      • Members of the League would act together to protect any members threatened.
    • Defeated Countries were not invited to join; neither was Russia because it was Communist.
    • Article 16
      • "Should any member of the League resort to War, all other members of the League shall immediately break off all trade and financial relations with it."
      • This along with Article 10 enshrined the principle of collective security.


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