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Irish Immigrants and
Religion…read more

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Why did the Irish stay together?
Many irish immigrants chose to live in irish
communities where they kept their
traditions and customs
They maintained a religious community
They faced discrimination and taunts from
the Scots…read more

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The impact of religion
"Almost all of the Irish in this city and
neighbourhood come from the North of
Ireland...there is not much difference
between the habits of the northern irish
and the scotch in the lower classes of life".
Said during an enquiry into immigration 1836…read more

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The religious situation in Scotland
In the 1800s the main religion in Scotland
was protestant with few Catholics
The main church was the church of
The arrival of thousands catholic's caused
changes.…read more

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The importance of the catholic
The church provided a gather place for people
The church provided a social life e.g. dances, trips etc.
The church developed schools and remained private
during nationalisation in 1872 as they wanted to control
The church helped those in great need e.g. League of
the cross
Importance of football teams
They were able to worship in the way they knew
The priest provided support e.g. help with reading and
writing…read more

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Protestants in Scotland
Protestants founds it easier in Scotland
because of:
Many were descended from Scots
They followed the same religion as most Scots
Quite a number were skilled workers.…read more

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