The Civil War Timeline

A brief overview of the things that triggered the civil war.

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Stage 1: Charles' reign gets off to a bad start

1625- Charles marries a Catholic

1628- Charles collects tax without Parliaments permission.

Stage 2: Charles rules without Parliament

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Stage 3: The Scots

1637- The Scots rebel against the new prayer book

1640- Desperate for money to fight the Scots, Charles recalls Parliament

Stage 4: The Long Parliament demands reforms

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Trigger 1:

1641- The Grand Remonstrance. The House of Commons is divided

Trigger 2:

- The Irish Rebellion, a Catholic plot is feared.

Trigger 3:

1642- Charles tries to arrest 4 MP's. The Commons are angry

Trigger 4:

- Moderate and radical MP's argue about religion

Trigger 5:

- Parliament seizes control of the army from the king

Trigger 6:

- The Nineteen Propositions. The Commons go too far. Charles' supporters leave London.


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