National 5 History: Unit 1 Migration & Empire- British Empire

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  • British Empire on Scotland
    • Scottish jobs
      • Postives
        • Scottish army became very strong
        • Provided more jobs abroad
        • Became involved in helping to run colonies
        • Jobs provided in steelworks, construction & shipbuilding (USA)
        • CANADA: timber, politics, banking, trading
    • Scottish Industry
      • Positives
        • Scotland could easily trade with colonies
        • Jute Industry in Scotland was strong (Mainly Dundee)
          • Buy cheaply of colonies then sell back to same countries
        • Tea is also a product that Scotland used to their advantage
      • Negatives
        • Other countries in Empire had strong industries pushing out Scottish equivelent
    • New ideas and relgion
      • Positive
        • Made Scotland become more diverse
      • Negative
        • Segregated people in society
    • Positives
      • Helped Scottish economy and Scotland had more money
        • They invested this money in Scotland
          • Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow
      • More housing in Dundee
      • Edinburgh & Glasgow became two financial centers
    • Negatives
      • Scots killed many aborigines in New Zealand and Australia
      • Destroyed traditional culture in countries
      • Donald MacLeod slaughtered many native people
      • Taking away land from natives
      • Came over with European diseases natives were not prepared for
    • Sport
      • Football influenced by immigrants
        • Celtic set up by Irish Catholics
        • Rangers set  up by Protestants
      • Cricket also introduced in India


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