Inside and outside of schools

things which effect achievement in schools such as material deprivation, self fulfilling prophecy

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Inside school
Self fulfilling prophecy ­ Becker + Keddie ­ Teachers evaluate pupils
in regard to speech, social class and dress. Labelling can lead to the
self fulfilling prophecy as students believe what they're told they
Lower sets + streams ­ Ball ­ middle class are in higher bands, so
teachers have higher expectations and taught them in a different
way. Keddie ­ higher sets access more knowledge than lower sets.
Anti-school subcultures ­ By being in anti-school subcultures this
can gain status from peers as they believe they can't gain status
from school. Willis ­ the lads he observed were deliberately failing
themselves in recognition of the inevitable manual working future
that awaited them.
Outside school
Material deprivation ­ economic poverty
Halsey ­ Lack of financial support is the most important thing
preventing working class achieving.
Cultural deprivation ­ Lack of Norms and values
Douglas ­ lack of parental interest is the most important in effecting
achievement. This may have been due to inconvenient shifts,
meaning parents had less time to aid children.
Social class ­ position within society

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Sugarman ­ Working class lived for immediate gratification whilst
middle class planned their future.
Chinese, African and Asians are more likely to be higher achievers
than whites, whilst afro-Caribbean; Pakistanis and Bangladeshis are
more likely to underachieve.
Labelling leads to the self fulfilling prophecy.
Ethno-centric curriculum ­ schools teach dominant culture of
Racism ­ intuitionally and internationally
Wright (1992) ­ Teachers said they gave equal opportunities but
Asian Girls got less attention and Asian boys more likely to be told
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