Theorists for feminism

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  • Women are socialised to conform
  • Women aren't in subcultures because they have soft characteristics
  • Control Theory; Women are double appressed because they are controlled by men and society
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  • Warped masculinity
  • Men are able to act out their frustration whereas women can't because they get negatively labelled within society
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McRobbie 1976

  • Girls are confined to their bedrooms with their fantasies
  • They are afraid of being negatively labelled by society so they just stay within their bedrooms
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  • New Wave girls (wore Doc. Martens, band t-shirts, big colourful hair etc.)
  • Rejected traditional femininity
  • Reject the influence of school and family
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Abbot and Wallace 1990

  • Families tend to have a closer reign over girls than boys
  • Girls aren't allowed out as much and have earlier curfews
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  • Women are defined through sexuality
  • Girls in youth subcultures were seen as potential girlfriends
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  • Women are likely to be dominated by the family inside and outside of the home
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Feminists challenged the idea that delinquent behaviour is stereotyped with male trates.

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