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Individual Differences

A June 12
1a One definition of abnormality is deviation from social norms. Identify and explain one other
definition of abnormality (3 marks)

1b Evaluate the definition of abnormality that you identified in your answer to 1a (4 marks)

2a What is meant by a case study? (2…

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1 (4 marks)

2 Abnormality can be defined as the `failure to function adequately'

Outline and evaluation this definition of abnormality (6marks)

3 Select 3 statements that describe the psychodynamic approach (3 marks)

4 Outline the biological approach to abnormality (4 marks)

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5a (4 marks)

5b Identify 1 psychological therapy that Hugh could consider and explain why it might help him (3

C June 11

1 (4 marks)


2a Identify one definition of abnormality that could describe Diane's behaviour (1 mark)

2b Explain your choice (2 marks)

2c Explain 1…

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3b Outline what's involved in systematic de-sensitisation (3 marks)

4 Outline and evaluation the biological approach to psychopathology (8marks)

D January 11
1 Identify 1 definition of abnormality and explain 1 limitation associated with this definition (3marks)

2 (4marks)

3a Describe systematic de-sensitisation as a method of treating abnormality (3marks)…

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2b Choose 1 and describe a limitation associated with it (2marks)

3a Outline keyfeatures of the psychodynamic approach to psychpathology (4marks)

3b Evaluate the behavioural approach to psychopathology (4 marks)

4a (4marks)

4b The patient doesn't want ECT. He then suggests CBT.

Describe how CBT would be used to treat…


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