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ICT in business…read more

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CAD (Computer aided design) is the use of
computer systems in engineering and design.
CAM (Computer aided manufacture) is the use
of computer to control machinery in the
manufacturing process, most CAM systems
can take the design from CAD.…read more

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Features of CAD
CAD has many useful features that make it useful to
engineering and design including:
-2D and 3D images
-Removes the need for a prototype (Saves money)
-Shading (To aid visualisation)
-Layering (To add detail)
-Costings…read more

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CAD is useful because:
-The files are easily stored and transferred, less physical space
is needed for paper drawn plans
-Designs can be easily altered
-Designs can be manipulated
-3D imaging is available
-Designs can be easily drawn to scale
-A list of components can be produced
-Stress/Strain calculations can be performed to see if the
building is safe
-Hatching and rendering (Hatching adds shading and detail)
(Rendering allows you to turn a drawing into a solid object)…read more

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Features of CAM
There are less features then CAD, the main ones
-Input is taken from CAD designs and packages
-Used to control and programme machinery
-Products are made automatically
-Easily reprogrammed…read more

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CAM allows for:
-Cheaper manufacture
-Faster time from design to production
-Products of a better quality (No human error)
-Lower wage costs (Less human staff are needed)
-Machines can be easily reprogrammed for new
-Small quantities (prototypes) can be made at little
increased cost…read more

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