11. People and ICT systems

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  • 11. People and ICT Systems
      • people who use ICT to help them with their work    
      • Secretary -  using a word processor to type letters and reports. As well as the internet to email and set up meetings
      • Salesmen-  use presentation software and digital projectors to show worldwide sales statistics during meetings.
      • Checkout assistants -  scans items over a bar code reader.
      • Owners of businesses – use special software to  keep record of customer details, customer transactions, price list of products
      • People working in ICT generally have ICT qualifications, such as degrees or other technical qualifications. 
      • Systems Analyst - works with a client to analyse their requirements and to design a suitable ICT system.
      • Computer Programmers -  convert the design specifications into computer codes using a programming language such as C++.
      • Server Analyst -    undertakes server maintenance. Likely to have an ICT-related degree.
      • ICT helpdesk technicians -  provide solutions to end users in respect of day to day computer problems. 
      • Web Managers -  oversees the work of webmasters and web developers in large organisations.     


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